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What it's like to be the fat girl in yoga class

I've wanted to try yoga my entire life. What's stopped me?

Why I didn't get upset when someone thought I was pregnant

I got on the elevator on the 9th floor. The doors opened on 6 welcoming a mom and the cutest 4-year-old little girl I’ve ever seen.

Juggling while wearing cute shoes

I've not been blogging much in the last few weeks because my priorities have shifted. The Sonish arrived mid June and we have been having a ball!

Sidesplitting laughter, racing, chosen family and the Grand Ole Opry

I've not blogged much lately and that's because we've been traveling and on the go every moment in between.

Jay Gatsby and stepmoms

We celebrated Momish Day on Saturday with a viewing of "The Great Gatsby" and truffles from DeBrand. We wrapped up the day with burgers on the grill and some much needed quiet time at home.

Celebrating Mother's Day as a Stepmom

Mother's Day is a lovely day to honor our mothers, grandmothers and the incredible women in our lives. We've made an art out of celebrating our moms on this day.

Teaching children to take pride in their race

I was having lunch recently with three girlfriends, two of whom have children ranging from grade schoolers to recent college graduates. The other friend is a teacher.

The hard part about being a stepmom

It's rare that I admit it, but sometimes being a stepmom is really hard. This has been one of those weeks.

Raising princesses is destroying Prince Charming

Many of us are becoming tired and frustrated by the "Princess Epidemic." We've watched the impact it has had on our young women and realize that in many cases we've made some drasti

Choosing authenticity over perfection

I'm currently reading Sheryl Sandberg's new book "Lean In" and I love it! I can honestly say I haven't highlighted this much of a book in a long time. I'm already planning on rereading it.