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Disciplining others' children

Do you discipline children who aren't yours? Nieces, nephews, that one neighbor kid who keeps letting his doggie do his doo-doo on your lawn? What's your stance on disciplining children who aren't your own?

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It's no fun being 'Sick Mom'

I am so overscheduled that there’s no time to fit in getting sick.

10 more things no one tells you about having kids

1. You will cherish taking a shower, because it's (usually) the only "alone" time you get.

10 things no one tells you about having children: Part 1

1. You will never be allowed to go to the bathroom alone again.

Every day is wonderful, Mom

Little Max started Pre-K this week, and took to it like a duck to water. He loves his teacher, loves the classroom, loves riding the bus. In fact, riding the bus is the best thing about his day.

School daze

If it's August (which it will be for the next 34 hours), it must be time for school in Indiana. And so far, at least, we're actually getting into something like a routine.

How long will we let kids go hungry?

I wrote a story for Fort Wayne Monthly magazine's September issue about the good folks who work with Blessings in a Backpack.

Mom's Night Out a fun time for all moms!

It's time for some self-serving, shameless promotion: Mom's Night Out is fast approaching. It's Thursday, Aug. 23, to be exact, at Ceruti's on Innovation Boulevard.

Summer camp woes

If there’s one thing I dread about summer, it’s not the crazy heat, the windstorms or even the mosquitoes. It’s trying to finesse eight weeks of no school.

Breaking glass

You know that show, "Breaking Bad"? If you gave my life a TV show title, it would probably be "Breaking Glass," because that's all that's happened at our house lately.

A budding nudist

My son, the 4 year old, is a budding nudist. He loves nothing more than to race around the house buck naked, dangly bits flying through the air.