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MARCH 22, 2014

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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Missing our families

It's been a stressful week at my house, as my husband's father lies very ill in a faraway hospital.

The zoo is opening, the zoo is opening!

My daughter's absolute favorite place on this planet opens Saturday, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. We've been going since she was a baby and expressed an interest in animals.

Figuring out motivations

A bendable life

As readers may recall, I have dealt with chronic back pain for many years. (Read more about it here).

Time for a little spring cleaning

My mom, known as Nonie, is coming to visit the kids next week for Spring Break, and it's a good excuse as any to get the house shipshape.

The (hand)writing on the wall

I spent the weekend in a frenzy of spring cleaning. The warm air awakened the need to sweep away winter's dust and air out the house. So it was a hard slog through a lot of trash and grime.

The night screams

No matter how many times I hear them, I just can't get used to the screams that come from my children's bedrooms at night.

A few of my job titles

My son and I were getting him ready for bed the other night when he picked a booger out of his nose and handed it to me. Apparently, he thinks one of my job titles is Chief Booger-Holder.

The contents of my purse

I hope nobody ever steals my purse. For one thing, they wouldn't get any money, because apart from some loose change covered with lint at the bottom of the bag, there's no cash in it anyways.

Botanical dreams

I'm two generations off the farm and have a fairly green thumb. That's why one of my family's favorite places in Fort Wayne is the Foellinger-Freiman Botanical Conservatory.