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Summer camp woes

If there’s one thing I dread about summer, it’s not the crazy heat, the windstorms or even the mosquitoes. It’s trying to finesse eight weeks of no school.

Breaking glass

You know that show, "Breaking Bad"? If you gave my life a TV show title, it would probably be "Breaking Glass," because that's all that's happened at our house lately.

A budding nudist

My son, the 4 year old, is a budding nudist. He loves nothing more than to race around the house buck naked, dangly bits flying through the air.

A new bike

The birthday girl got a grown-up bike in celebration of her first decade on this Earth.

Growing taller

My kids are on the fast track to be taller than me in short (ahem) order. Emma, who recently turned 10, is well taller than I was at that age and is now up to my chin.

Repeat after me

Is it just me, or do you also find yourself saying the same things over and over and over again?

I'm a pinball wizard

I've been feeling like a pinball lately, spinning from one task to another to another, bells ringing and lights flashing as I ping around.

A sick child and stay-home days

I've been home with my daughter for the past 6 days as she recuperated from strep throat.

Pizza is not a vegetable

Pizza is a vegetable, according to some in Congress. Not in my book. To be sure, there's one of the most powerful vegetables (or is it a fruit?) in pizza sauce — tomatoes.

A colorful fridge

I pulled open the door and took a good look at the inside of my refrigerator last night.