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Beware of potholes

They’re back and they’re bad. Potholes have returned and hitting one with your car can do a number on tires, wheels, steering and suspension, and alignment.

Beat high gas prices this Thanksgiving

Don’t let soaring gas prices gobble up your hard-earned money this Thanksgiving; carve out time to perform some simple fixes on your vehicle for better gas mileage, advises the Car Care Council.

Deer, deer everywhere

Deer that suddenly appear out of nowhere can often put drivers someplace they don't want to be.

Fall Car Care

It’s foolhardy to head out in a poorly maintained vehicle in the dead of winter, of course, but even vehicle owners in temperate zones need to consider a fall car-care check, note the pros with the

Don't Ignore the 'Check Engine' Light

One of the most vital components to a properly functioning vehicle is the ‘Check Engine’ light.

Get the Car Ready for Vacation

When the last beach towel was loaded, the family pulled out of the driveway for vacation, 1,500 miles roundtrip. That’s when an unsettling moaning noise caught their attention.

Summer Car Care Saves Batteries, Tires

Summer can be tough on cars, especially during high temperatures when heat can destroy batteries and stress the cooling system and tires.  As a precaution, these vehicle components should be c

Car Travel Fun for Families & Kids

Remember family car trips when you were a kid, squished in the back seat of the car next to your brother and sister?

Kickin' the Tires: Safety and Maintenance

Tires are an important safety feature on your car.

All Time Favorite Road Trips in the US – Route 66

Looking for Adventure: The Mother Road