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Effort versus grades

There are times my job overwhelms me, with the unpredictability, the late-night hours, the early start time, the heavy work load, the constant pulling at me in so many directions I often can't see

First recipe conquered — next!

Kalisha packs her lunch on Monday evening to take with her on Tuesday when she volunteers in the kindergarten room at Holy Cross Lutheran School.

The nostalgia of an 11-year-old

Last night, my daughter decided to go on a trip down memory lane.

Pee first

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I’m a pee-pee dancer. 

Get your ice-cold programs

Are you tired of hearing about Kalisha and her work experiences ? You should probably get used to it, becuase I'm pretty sure there will be many more before the summer is over.

My son's doll

Back in the 1970s, when hippies reigned and Marlo Thomas and her friends sang about being "Free to Be You and Me," it was unheard of for a boy to play with a doll (G.I.

The Character Assassination Carousel

Because being a mother means reading some incredibly crappy/interminably long/devilishly irritating kiddie books over, and over and over again, I dreamed up something I call the

A peek into the empty nest

Everyone but me flew the coop for Spring Break.

Another day, another job

Wednesday was the first day of another job for Kalisha; another day of being excited and nervous and almost giddy. That would apply to Kalisha AND me, except for the giddy part.

Soccer mom

When I first got a van, I withered inside and whined.