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Too old to trick or treat?

How old is too old to trick or treat?

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What moms do

A new mom has taken up residence on my porch and I can’t help but be a little bit inspired by her.

Not Super-Mom, but super-TIRED-mom

It was one of those days. The kind of day where you are so tired you can’t really think straight.

Cashing that paycheck

Kalisha recently received her first paycheck from Parkview Field. She was thrilled and, of course, already had in mind what she wanted to purchase.

Lies my husband tells me

Do you know what the word “plavin” means?

I’ll make it easy on you. Here are a handful of multiple choice answers. 

a) A prescription drug

A broken heart

Tonight I'm going to the calling for a friend's tiny baby, who died unexpectedly last weekend.

Life in real time

This was my kitchen the other day.

When the door stands open...

She sits inside a cell, bars of steel, with a heavy door standing wide open. The bars are thick and white, foreboding. Inside she blankly stares, resigned to her imprisonment.

Dress for the season you want to be in

You’ve heard the maxim: Dress for the job you want. 

The length of the leash

As my children get older, it's getting harder to figure out how much freedom they should have to be out of my sight.

No more lazy days of summer

Spring has only just arrived (FINALLY) and I'm already experiencing pings of anxiety as I consider just how quickly our summer days will slip away!