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Crimes against gingerbread

This past weekend we went to the one place I'm most likely to get arrested: The Festival of Gingerbread. Where else might I commit gingerbread assault with a deadly weapon*?

A Christmas/birthday list

I have the unfortunate luck of being born nine days before Christmas.

Wise Men on the move

I noticed that Kevin had arranged the new Nativity set on the mantle the other night but it looked like something was missing.

Yes, ummm, maybe, well ... actually no!

 I usually tell about Kalisha's good heart, her generosity and kindness. (Makes her sound like she should be nominated for sainthood, doesn't it?

Got an app for THAT?

My kids are really into avatars. They love making themselves so they can run around in virtual worlds be in in Wii games, online or app-style games.

Throwing in the towel

Sometimes I wanna throw it in. The towel. Like this week when I got in the shower only to find that the water heater had gone out. Mmmm. Icy cold shower on a balmy December day. Yeah.

Do I like you ... or maybe not?

I am usually not a judgemental person, at least I try hard not to be and I believe I am usually successful in that endeavor.

Not uncool after all …

A selfie before the show! My daughter and I at the Hunger Games...

Santa is a big old bully

Thinking it would be a great chance for family bonding, I excitedly told my son last night that the 1964 Rankin/Bass stop-motion special "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" would be on TV and we shou

Thursday is the new Black Friday

I'm confused. Last year the big deal was that stores were going to open at midnight after ... wait for it ... the DAY OF Thanksgiving.