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  We're gearing up for our 2014 Moms Night Out event and this year promises to be the best one yet. Enjoy an evening of fine food, entertainment, demonstrations, vendors and giveaways at the 2014 Moms Night Out, Aug. 21 at Ceruti's! Buy your tickets now here.

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Farewell Fort Wayne (mom) friends

Sadly, this will be my last post here. To get you up to speed, my family recently moved to be closer to our families.

One less is the loveliest number

We discussed having five children once upon a time. I attribute that to the baby mania that closely followed the birth of our fourth.

It's complicated

I’m in a complicated relationship with social media. The upsides are many, beginning with simply having the opportunity to experience more community.

Learning to slay dragons

My son, though 10 years old,  has terrible night terrors, and just the act of going into his room to go to bed frightens him. He wants nothing to do with his room.

Mother Nature is a schoolyard bully

Mother Nature hates us. She does. I swear it. She's got it in for us all. There's no way I'll believe anything else.

A day without electricity

So we were one of the 11,000 folks without power after Wednesday's storm, and you'd think we'd been thrown to the wolves, given my children's reactions.

Adult conversation

Sometimes the best conversation as an adult can come from the most unlikely source: a kid. My niece is 8 ... or 9. Hmm. I can't remember. Either way, as they say, she's going on 30.

Give me wisdom, not wisdom teeth

I have been hearing and thinking about Kalisha's wisdom teeth for way too long; I have no wisdom left.

Weighing in on the ongoing battle

How many times can I write about the endless battle/game/quest to lose weight?

A cleaning rampage

It's clearly not spring yet (as I write this, snow continues to obstruct the view through my office windows), but I've been on a Spring Cleaning Rampage.