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Snow day nightmare

"OK! I give UP!!! Is that what you want to hear from me?" 


It has been a while since I played a board game with Kalisha. We play UNO quite often with a group of people. She usually wins at UNO but has learned to graciously accept defeat when necessary.

Moves like stagger

I guess I wasn't such a great dancer back in the day, so much as I was a great drunkard. Being drunkardly makes one feel like a back-up dancer for J.

10 promises for 2014

So it's a day after New Year's and I haven't made my resolutions yet, but maybe these will stick this year:

2014! Who's with me?!

I woke up Wednesday, the first day of 2014, at 8:30 a.m. (normally it's 6:30 if I'm lucky). I had Starbucks and a homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.

Kid vs. mom birthday

It's my birthday today. I'm 26. Sorry, 30. Sorry, again, 37. 

Santa's mythbuster

Incredulous Mom's blog about how to deal with the Santa situation reminds me that while we as parents teach our kid

Choosing joy

Wanna know a secret?  This thing called life; the day in and day out thing I do, I have no actual plan for it. Nope. Nothing.

Santa: to believe or not to believe

If you're like me, you spend at least a (large) portion of your parenting time wondering if the decisions you are making now could somehow change the person your child becomes in the future.