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What do you do when your kids are sick?

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A fishy fiasco

It had been a fantastically successful parenting day.

Snow days/sand days

Oh my goodness — the children are back in school! (Fingers crossed that they stay that way!)

What did you do all day?

Zombie-mom, walking

I'm back to the days of zero sleep and trying to pull off the zombie mom walk.  Newborn you ask? Nope, a 10 year old. Yeah, I too, thought these days would be long gone.

Wild southern winters

I just needed some non-essentials. Wine, chips, salsa. 

Look like a volunteer without really trying

I love volunteers. "Volunteerism is the backbone of America. In fact, it's also the leg bone and the hip bone. It's other bones, too, but I'm no bone expert." That's a quote from Dwight D.

Things I do — and don't — miss about babyhood

Several friends are either about to give birth or have just finished giving birth, which reminded me of my own postpartum days.

Failure is not an option

She stood in the kitchen with tears streaming down her face. Her hands were over her mouth and she tried unsuccessfully to stop the sobs before they began.

My 'normal' is not her 'normal' today

I awoke this morning to a “normal” morning — no school cancellations or delays; a normal morning.

Money, measurements, mayhem

Kalisha is notoriously inept when it comes to money. She is terrific with eBay and PayPal but not so good with a simple purchase at a store or fast food joint.