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Showing the time-monster who's boss

"Time" will never decide to play nice, not with a mom. It will challenge you, deprive you, and the lac

Snow sublime

The weather ruined our weekend plans for the third week in a row. I'm sure we're not the only ones. This winter has proved to be a hope and happiness vacuum. I am nearly sucked dry.

Seven signs of snow madness

I've never had a claim to sanity. But mine has always been garden variety crazy. I get sad; I get irrational; I get medicated.

Tough day at school

We're having a tough time getting my son to both go to school and to pay attention when he's there.

Mixin' it up

Kalisha likes to do her own grocery shopping, with her own cart. After several mishaps we have come to an agreement.

A fishy fiasco

It had been a fantastically successful parenting day.

Snow days/sand days

Oh my goodness — the children are back in school! (Fingers crossed that they stay that way!)

What did you do all day?

Zombie-mom, walking

I'm back to the days of zero sleep and trying to pull off the zombie mom walk.  Newborn you ask? Nope, a 10 year old. Yeah, I too, thought these days would be long gone.

Wild southern winters

I just needed some non-essentials. Wine, chips, salsa.