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Save the evening of Aug. 21 just for you. Moms Night Out promises to be an evening filled with relaxation, shopping, food and fun just for Moms. Leave the kids at home and come enjoy this event packed with more than 60 vendor booths and demonstrations!
For booth information, call (260) 461-8600.

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Marriage advice you didn't know you needed

If there was one piece of marital advice I'd want to give you, I still wouldn't.

My brand, please

As I was making a list of items needed on the next shopping trip, I noticed Kalisha's bottle of mouthwash was nearly empty. Her tube of toothpaste had the life squeezed out of it, too.

Old-school parenting in a digital age

In an age of digital EVERYTHING, I go back to old-school ways to do some of my best parenting.  

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

All right, lady. We need to talk.

More sympathy through empathy

It began on Friday. A siege on my sinuses. It blossomed into a fairly nasty head cold. By Monday I was in the raw nose and chapped lips phase of my recovery.

Finally reading it

Many people have asked me how long it took to write the book about Kalisha.

Nostalgia 'nose' how to beat the stress

It happened. Again. It snowed and the schools closed. Again. Deep breath in. I calmly reached over and grabbed a can, cracked it open, and took a long draw on it. Yes, that was better.

Cutting the cable cord

An interesting thing has happened in our home recently. We decided to cut the cable cord (well, I didn't use actual scissors!) and go to online streaming for our television viewing.

Self esteem on retainer

Today my oldest got her first set of orthodontic appliances. She’s fully loaded with two palatal expanders.