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Give that girl a podium

Kalisha and I went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival on Sunday, like we do every year.

How rafting made me a better parent

Have you heard of the Gauley River?

Planning a party

Kalisha's birthday is in February. That seems a long way off; however, she is planning her own party.

Imperfect progress

I'm leading a group of women through a study on the book "

Take that, squirrels

The worst thing about fall is...

Hang on.

Freckles are a road map of life

I've always had freckles. Ever since the sun first hit my baby face, I've had a smattering of freckles across my nose and cheeks.

Growing out of Transformers and Barbies

Last night my 18-year-old son showed me a picture of a college sweatshirt he would really like to receive for his upcoming birthday.

Kids are humans, too

I saw an adult running past the high school after having seen a gaggle of teens practicing cross-country and I thought, "Well there’s a human being."


I remember the very first time I heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I was visiting family in Tennessee.

Kalisha's cookin'

Kalisha doesn't cook, at least not on a stove. She has always been afraid of the stove. Her idea of preparing a meal has been either make a sandwich or stick something in the microwave.