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The world's worst holiday gift

Which of these would you hate to receive for the holidays?

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Swim unlesson

I don't know how to explain the concept of floating.

My first Twitter party: a real tweet

I’m just going to get right to it… I attended my first Twitter party last night. Whoa ... Whoa!

Forgotten and not missed

An hour into the drive I realized I had left my phone at home on the kitchen counter. I had a minor panic and then exhaled; there was nothing I could do about it.

Two sports worlds

As most of you know, Kalisha is a super-duper Colts fan. During football season, it is Colts all the way. Clothing, purses, shoes, socks, jammies, hats, gloves, coats: you get the idea.

An ode to fresh produce

When I first moved to Fort Wayne in 1994, the only farmers market available was the venerable Saturday morning South Side Farmers Market on Warsaw Street.

Mmmm, tasty. Thanks, paint chip!

I'm probably about a decade or so too late to publicly participate in Oprah's whole "gratitude journal" thing and have it be cool, but better late than never, right?

Of course she won

Kalisha has become a TinCaps fan in every sense of the word. She attends as many games as she can afford and when she's not there in person, she watches the games on television.

A picture's worth a thousand pouts

It's possible that nothing confounds the parental mind more than trying to decipher the relative value of treats and toys and other fun things in the mind of the human child. Cookie = yay!

Lunch date for three

Have you ever made plans with two different people…for the same time? I got to experience that situation this week.

The Character Assassination Carousel strikes again

What up, dawgs?