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Sucker for a sticker

In my ongoing, seemingly never-ending quest to lose some extra pounds that keep following me around, I purchased a Fitbit.

Vegging in: beets won't kill you

"Then I'll just eat all the cauliflower," is a threat without meaning.

Zoo Brew and the moon

It was Date Night last Friday.

Advice for Miley Cyrus

I have a very special someone to thank this week.

Kalisha is a good sport

Last week was the yearly Moms Night Out event. I had been sent two tickets, one for me and one for Kalisha.

Yes, what, no: your brain on kids

"Yes, you can, wait, what? No!"

Broken (brunch) dreams

I have a confession. For probably the first time e-ver, I felt (for lack of a better word) resentful toward my sweet little Bubbalooshki Bear this weekend. I mean, that's pretty good, right?

Pretty sure we're all gonna die today

Kalisha and I have been trying all summer, it seems, to spend a Sunday afternoon at her sister, Kaylynn, and brother-in-law, Brian's, lake place.

Back-to-school funk

It's that funky time of the year once again.

Why I didn't get upset when someone thought I was pregnant

I got on the elevator on the 9th floor. The doors opened on 6 welcoming a mom and the cutest 4-year-old little girl I’ve ever seen.