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Toys or books?

Would you rather buy a book or a toy for your child — or neither?

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Punish the lie, not the liar?

I had to return a necklace. Actually, I kept it, but I had to go pay for it becuase I’m pretty sure one of my daughters stole it from Stein Mart.

Potatoes and cereal

Two potatoes and a small box of cereal brought something into focus for me — we are a now a small family.

Halloween costume

I calculate I have been making costumes for kids for over 40 years. Do I just love Halloween? NO, I don't.

To Disney, from Incredulous (and disappointed) Mom

Several weeks ago I was at Half-Price Books, perusing the kids section. Anyone who knows me knows that I gravitate toward anything Disney.

When was the last time?

Every day seems to be an endless drone of things to be done and lists yet to be marked off.

The art of layzering

Every. Dang. Year. 

Brain squeeze

The headache came on quietly. No sudden pain that would make you think you were having a stroke. No, this one sneaked in behind my eyes while I was out working on a story.

Two for two

Have you ever been around a toddler who has had NO nap the entire day? None? Zip? You probably haven't. If you had, you wouldn't be here to tell the tale.

Wants a nap, will settle for chocolate

My life, the one I live on a daily basis, it’s a bit nutty. Anyone who knows me would laugh as this is severely understated.

Who invited the cool mom?

I can remember my father being flabbergasted when he learned that I was not, in fact, a cool kid in high school. I wasn’t the object of most ridicule. (Was I?