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Eastern Time vs. Central Time

Should Indiana change its time zone to be more aligned with Chicago in the Central Time Zone or should Hoosiers stay mainly in the Eastern Time Zone?

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I remember the very first time I heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I was visiting family in Tennessee.

Kalisha's cookin'

Kalisha doesn't cook, at least not on a stove. She has always been afraid of the stove. Her idea of preparing a meal has been either make a sandwich or stick something in the microwave.

What it's like to be the fat girl in yoga class

I've wanted to try yoga my entire life. What's stopped me?

You say tomato, I say to-mah-to

Somehow, in the past two weeks, my vegetable garden exploded. Its sole produce? Tomatoes. Have I mentioned that I'm allergic to raw tomatoes?

FitBit follow-up

I've had my Fitbit for 11 days now and I have to say it has changed how I walk through my day.

No shirt, no shoes, no breakfast

There's a point at which you look at a child's resourcefulness and have to make a decision: respect the kid's genius or try to reprogram her. 

Working alongside demons

Changing something about yourself is hard. I'm not talking about cutting off a mullet or a 'stache. I'm talking about changing habits.

Sucker for a sticker

In my ongoing, seemingly never-ending quest to lose some extra pounds that keep following me around, I purchased a Fitbit.

Vegging in: beets won't kill you

"Then I'll just eat all the cauliflower," is a threat without meaning.

Zoo Brew and the moon

It was Date Night last Friday.