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  We're gearing up for our 2014 Moms Night Out event and this year promises to be the best one yet. Enjoy an evening of fine food, entertainment, demonstrations, vendors and giveaways at the 2014 Moms Night Out, Aug. 21 at Ceruti's! Buy your tickets now here.

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Poverty's spread

The Journal Gazette reported that poverty rates have climbed in Indiana since 2000. Are you and your family feeling the pinch?

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My oasis of color

I've been complaining a lot lately, so let me pause in my grumpiness to appreciate what a beautiful spring we've had lately. Sure it was cold on Mother's Day, but look at the flowers.

Joining the club

The funny thing about clubs: if you're out, you think the club is laaaaame. If you're in, well … you're in. This month has been the month of inclusion.

Jay Gatsby and stepmoms

We celebrated Momish Day on Saturday with a viewing of "The Great Gatsby" and truffles from DeBrand. We wrapped up the day with burgers on the grill and some much needed quiet time at home.

Celebrating Mother's Day as a Stepmom

Mother's Day is a lovely day to honor our mothers, grandmothers and the incredible women in our lives. We've made an art out of celebrating our moms on this day.

Let's be honest: sometimes being a parent sucks eggs

Sometimes, parenting is not all fun and games. Sometime, frankly, it's a pain in the tuckus.

Mother's Day gifts I've received

Having five children means I have received Mother's Day gifts in every shape, size and category over the last (let's just say many) years.

Split-shift parenting: the lawn diaries

This post may be a smorgasblog, but stay with me. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I smell a little like stale breastmilk.

Teaching children to take pride in their race

I was having lunch recently with three girlfriends, two of whom have children ranging from grade schoolers to recent college graduates. The other friend is a teacher.

So many words

It has been said we women use about 20,000 words as well as five tones of voice in any given day. That’s a lot of words, girls!

The dangers of Pinterest

I'm what's known as a wanna-be clean freak. That is, my desires to have a clean, orderly home and workplace are derailed by my rank ineptitude and laziness.