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Just one more Colts post, I promise

I totally understand if you want to skip this post because you are about to gag on the words "Indianapolis Colts;" however, if you will bear with me one more time, I promise I won't write about the

The off season

School starts this week. Game on. Opening Day. 

School supply mania

OK, so the kids go back to school on Monday, and I STILL haven't bought their school supplies. (I'm in denial about their "textbook fees," too— what are my taxes for anyway???)

A day of reckoning

My friends, I have failed you. I failed myself too.

If kids were DVRs

When will we see the benefits of modern technology installed in our kids? Like DVR functionality. If our kids were like DVRs. . .

Birthday parties can be a monster

Oh. My. Garsh. My son — THE Bubbalooshki Bear, is turning the big o-n-e. Technically, his birthday is on Friday. I have the day off. Brilliant!

You win some/you lose some

If anyone has known Kalisha for any length of time, they also know of her love for the Indianapolis Colts football team.

Running into my happy place

My family, my sister and her family, as well as some friends recently ran in The Color Run, a 5K race in which along the route you run/walk/dance/skip through stations where you are "sprayed" with

No bacon for you!

My now 11-year-old daughter spent a week at Salomon Farm Park camp as a "farmer in training" recently, where she fell in love with the two pigs being raised on the farm — so in love with them that

Swim unlesson

I don't know how to explain the concept of floating.