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Lunch date for three

Have you ever made plans with two different people…for the same time? I got to experience that situation this week.

The Character Assassination Carousel strikes again

What up, dawgs?

Her favorite place

Last week, Kalisha asked, "So what time should we leave on Friday?"

With my usual sense of what's going on, my reply was, "Leave for where?"

Like a virgin

My Sunday was a Sunday of firsts.

Sleepover, because sleep is over

It's not like I meant to break anything. It was only my fault technically.

Do dogs think?

My dog Molly is a cross between (we think) a Bassett hound and a dachshund. She's as long as our coffee table and just about as tall.

Scheduling a family 101

I accomplished something on my bucket list over the holiday.

Get these off now, please!

Last week, Kalisha was in her yearly "let's get ready for the Fourth" frame of mind. Last year, I posted about her looking for a shirt for the Fourth of July.

Holiday in the nation's capital

I took the kids (sans husband) off to Washington, D.C., last weekend to celebrate my brothers' (yes, plural) 50th birthdays (I have multiple brothers thanks to multiple marriages amongst my parenta

Leaving to hold on

We are planning a trip to go see our son.