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Disciplining others' children

Do you discipline children who aren't yours? Nieces, nephews, that one neighbor kid who keeps letting his doggie do his doo-doo on your lawn? What's your stance on disciplining children who aren't your own?

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Telling the truth

Kalisha has always been truthful ... above and beyond.

Father's Day fail?

This Father’s Day, around seven in the morning, my husband will open his eyes and blink in the soft morning light.

Come Play With

Now that the crazy storms have passed, this weekend's weather forecast is for bright blue skies and warm temperatures.

Eyes up! And other teachable moments

Now that I'm a mom, I try to pay attention to "teachable moments." I observe human behavior in a way that differs from that of my former self.

Social skills

A discussion of social skills, or the lack thereof, is nearly always included in any conversation about an autistic individual.

End of the line

Well, we've finally made it. We've dragged the girl, kicking and screaming, to the end of the school year.

Sidesplitting laughter, racing, chosen family and the Grand Ole Opry

I've not blogged much lately and that's because we've been traveling and on the go every moment in between.

Mom zoo vs. kid zoo

I buy a membership to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo every year.

Shameful Mom-ents

It's funny how much you change in just a short time following the homecoming of your first baby.

Last day of school!

Well, we made it to the last day of school!  I remember when I took the first day of school photo last August, I was thinking, "This year is going to fly." And it did.