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Holiday in the nation's capital

I took the kids (sans husband) off to Washington, D.C., last weekend to celebrate my brothers' (yes, plural) 50th birthdays (I have multiple brothers thanks to multiple marriages amongst my parenta

Leaving to hold on

We are planning a trip to go see our son.

Juggling while wearing cute shoes

I've not been blogging much in the last few weeks because my priorities have shifted. The Sonish arrived mid June and we have been having a ball!

Pink vs. the world

A friend shared an article from NPR with me the other day.

Parenting rhetoric

I used to engage my kids in educational life corrections. For example, if one child attempted to climb the banister and slide down it like a cartoon, I might have said:

With any luck...

I opened my fortune cookie from Panda Express earlier this week and it said, “A pleasant surpri

Moving on from the minivan

The exciting news at my house this week is that I have moved out of my minivan and into a crossover!

iCarly and a confession

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know I won't be nominated for Mother of the Year anytime soon.

Ticked off

"I never noticed that cute freckle on her eye before." That's my mother-in-law remarking on the adorable cuteness of my daughter's new freckle.

Summer reading list

During the school year my kids are very busy doing homework, reading for school, participating in sports and watching cat videos on YouTube.