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My kids get me

For Mother’s Day, the kids and my husband gave me the gift of time and labor. It was exactly what I wanted.

I'm digging spring

I've written before about my love for my little backyard, which I guess isn’t really that little (just ask my husband after he spends the afternoon mowing the lawn).

Hard things are worth doing

We sat in the car at a stop light and my daughter let out a nervous, “UUUGH!” I smiled at her and said, “Hey, you can do this.

Learning the “Envelope System”

My kids are growing into future adults. It’s hard to believe, but they are closer to adulthood than they are to having entered into this strange big world we call home.

Not predicted to 'pass'

It was rainy and kinda yucky outside as I ran from the van to the school.

Spring is coming

As I was driving down West Jefferson Boulevard at lunchtime today, a blinding flash of lightning crashed just in front of me, followed quickly by a loud rumble of thunder.

Spring breaking with Operation L-O-V-E

Spring Break. Most people may think of sandy beaches, warm breezes, long afternoons with a book, and personally I’d love to add a tall glass of sweet tea on the side.

Help wanted

Wanted: One friend for small boy of 7 years

Today's teachable moment is brought to you courtesy of our stellar lawmakers

In all my years of parenting, I've never had to try to explain or make sense of what has gone on this week in the government and talk it out with my kids.

Mama DOES know best

You know that old saying, "Mama knows best"? Never, EVER let anyone tell you that you don't know something.