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Toys or books?

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Mom the multitasking machine

We moms are the world’s best multitaskers.

Broken happiness

I looked down at the table. It seems oddly appropriate that my stone "HAPPINESS" plaque, which used to perch cheerfully on my shelf, now lay broken in jagged pieces.

Our normal

Life has been hell around here the last two days.

It's a twang thang

Ladies and gentlemen, could you please take your seats? Thank you.

I’ve called you all here today to address the scurrilous rumors swirling around my choice in music.

Making the cut

I sat in the van and turned off the ignition. All my insides jumped around and I fidgeted in the seat.

Tap in, tap out

Parenting really is a two-person job. This week sure proved that. I was felled by either a stomach bug or food poisoning and was down for the count. I tapped out and my husband tapped in.

Struck by stationery objects

My daughter wanted to write a thank you note for something she got for her birthday. I thought that was awesome, as she decided to do this all on her own.

The big chop

With the snip of a pair of scissors, my daughter turned from girl to teen. Last weekend, she had 13 inches of hair cut off and donated to Locks of Love.

Unhappy is OK, too.

It’s not that I don’t want happy. Believe me, it’s what I pray for.

Facing mortality

Back in my younger days, when I went to college in North Carolina, I became part of a group of hippies and outcasts who bonded together in our love for the Grateful Dead.