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Webinar gives scholarship advice to aid upcoming college students

Millions of dollars in college cash are available to Hoosier students in the form of free scholarships. But, finding scholarships, creating an outstanding application and knowing what to do in high school aren’t always so easy.

This Friday, Learn More Indiana is offering students free advice on everything related to scholarships and state grants in a live, interactive webinar. As part of the statewide annual Cash for College campaign, Learn More Indiana will convene experts to help students learn how they can increase their own chances of earning free cash for college.

“For many families, cost is the biggest barrier to attending college,” said Teresa Lubbers, Commissioner for Higher Education. “We hope to make the scholarship process more transparent and understandable for Indiana families so more students can complete education beyond high school.”
The webinar will be broadcast live at at 10 a.m. (EST) on Friday. An archived video will be available on the website the following week. Other resources for saving for college, filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and comparing college costs are also available on the website.

Students are encouraged to watch the scholarships video with their parents if they are not able to view it in school with their class. Students should also ask school counselors about specific Cash for College activities in their schools and communities, or view the statewide events calendar at

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What a great resource! I had never even heard about this organization. Thanks for sharing this.