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Dance Collective performances this weekend

The Fort Wayne Dance Collective presents a special explorative performance  of local choreographers as well as regional artists.

The weekend will feature dancers from Motus Dance Theatre from Indianapolis with excerpts from their recent work titled “In” about the effects of bullying.

Saturdays program will feature a performance by the Jesters of St. Francis, a program for people with disabilities, performing a piece called “I am a Person,” directed by Allison Ballard. Sunday’s program features Fort Wayne Taiko performing with the Women’s Chorus. Fort Wayne Dance Collective outreach students will also be involved in the Lab weekend with dancers from South Side High School performing on Saturday, and the Weisser Park Dance Troup performing on Sunday.

Both evenings will include choreography from local artists Brennan Stillman, Vicki Gallagher, Peter Johnson, Heidi Prussing, Jessica Williams, Becca Wegner and the local modern dance company Mikautadze Dance Theatre.

Choreographers Laboratory Performance

Feb. 18, 7 p.m., and Feb. 19, 2 p.m.

Elliot Studio Theatre, 437 East Berry Street

$8 adults, $5 child

Seating is very limited!