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American Red Cross offers safety tips for holidays

While people in Northeast Indiana are finalizing plans for holiday events and travel, the American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana has tips to help prevent accidents and emergencies.

“Following a few simple tips can help make the holiday season safe and enjoyable,” said Katherine Mac Aulay, Chief Operations Officer of the Northeast Indiana Chapter of the American Red Cross.
Holiday Decorations and Parties
· Place Christmas trees at least three feet away from any heat sources and exits. Water the tree daily.
· Don’t overload electrical outlets and unplug holiday lights before leaving home or going to bed.
· Keep candles away from combustible materials and in a place where children and pets can’t get to them.
· Pick a designated driver when attending a party and provide non-alcoholic beverage options if hosting a party.
· Keep children and pets away from the stove; turn pot handles in; and turn off burners if leaving the kitchen.
Holiday Travel
· Make sure vehicles are in good working order before holiday trips. This includes checking tire air pressure and windshield fluid, and cleaning lights and windows.
· Equip vehicles with an emergency preparedness kit with water, snacks, flashlight, first aid kit and blankets.
· Check weather and road conditions before traveling.
· Share travel plans including intended route and estimated arrival time with someone.
No matter where people are spending the holidays, downloading the American Red Cross First Aid App allows users to have information on what to do in emergencies when and where they need it. A variety of mobile apps are available at
“Taking a Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED course is a great New Year’s resolution,” Mac Aulay said. Information about courses and how to register is at

Source: American Red Cross